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The Rental

The Rental (2020)

No Nudity

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The Rental (2020 is Dave Franco's directorial debut with this screenplay that he co-wrote with Joe Swanberg. Two couples rent a beach vacation house together for a sexy weekend getaway, but they soon learn that they are not alone. They find some cameras in the house and learn they are being spied on. They were supposed to have a fun, carefree, celebratory weekend, but they find there are sinister forces watching them in the house and it will inevitably tear the friendly foursome apart. The wonderful women in the film are the exquisite Alison Brie and Sheila Vand who is anything but bland in her bikini. She wears a red-orange bikini that looks amazing on her golden-brown skin. She plays Mina and she's a gorgeous girl who quickly discovers that they are all being spied upon. In other scenes, she puts on a gray tank top and no bra underneath her shirt. You know what that means! That means we get to check out those beautiful pokies of hers. Alison Brie plays Michelle. Here's a fun fact: Alison Brie is Dave Franco's real-life wife. This is a good case of nepotism because it allows us to see her sexy figure. Alison has shown off a lot of nudity in the past, but she keeps it classier in the rental. It looks like she may have even rented clothes for the event, but you can still gander at some cleavage from our leading lady. Mrs. Franco makes this movie worth a rental!