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The Purge

The Purge (2018-2019)

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In 2018 the USA Network got into the movie adaptation business with The Purge, a television drama based on the hugely successful film franchise of the same name. By now, you likely know that The Purge flicks are set in a world where a fascist government has taken over America and made all crimes, including murder, legal for one night a year. The show follows in the footsteps of the films, with the show's first season centering around a group of people attempting to survive the twelve hours they're in the most mortal danger. From death cults to ruthless business women willing to off the competition to get ahead, the first season was a compelling look at a lawless world. But the second season was the more interesting one, since it focused on the post-Purge fallout, including dealing with survivor's guilt, finding homes for freshly orphaned children, figuring out why some people were targeted by hired hitmen, and seeing how the brave Purgers who knocked off banks or robbed rich houses spend their newfound wealth. It never got a third season, with USA purging itself of the show in 2020, but not because it didn't have some sexy survivors on it. While USA is known to be one of the skin-gier cable channels, the first episode featured flashbacks to a threesome between Banshee beauty Lili Simmons, Hannah Emily Anderson, and one lucky dude! Lili nearly shows her ass, but stops just shy of giving us a taste, though she and Hannah do have a pretty hot makeout session! That'll make your kitty purr! Lacy Hartselle had us hard as Hell in a bra and panties while changing into her murdering outfit, Danika Yarosh flashed a bit of undie covered buns while getting up after a boning session, and Azmarie Livingston did a little pre-Purge training in a sports bra. Seeing that feisty female do pullups had us pulling our pants down! We even got to to see the black babe Brittney Level hit the catwalk in a yellow bikini. Hope it's Purge Day since that's a killer body! The women of The Purge are giving us a serious sexual urge!