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Seth MacFarlane, the occasional crooner best known for creating comedies like Family Guy and Ted (2012), grew up a massive Trekkie. While the Star Trek people weren't willing to give him the keys to The Enterprise, in 2017 he used his love of that sci-fi series to propel the creation of his Fox hit, The Orville. Similar to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the show is about a spaceship called The USS Orville that explores the Universe 400 years into the future. The ship's not so fearless leader is Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane), a drunk, middle-aged man who was going to be a big deal in the interplanetary explorer world, until he threw his life way when he found his wife Kelly (Adrianne Palicki) cheating on him with an alien. She was begging him "take me to your seeder!" What's really awkward for Ed is that Kelly works on The USS Orville, too. Throw in the crew members who aren't human, the ones who aren't technically alive, and the wild adventures they end up on while travelling the deepest reaches of outer space, and you've got the chance for a hilarious space set sitcom. While there's plenty of MacFarlane's trademark humor and a surprising amount of heartfelt moments, the lore of The Orville is no joke. On top of the show's three seasons, there are comic books that expand the world MacFarlane created, and all sorts of fan created artwork based on stories some of the aliens have told about planets we've never seen. The only thing the show is lacking are nude scenes. Yes, while there are all sorts of jokes about inter-species sex, we don't see much skin. There was one time, however, when the gorgeous Kyra Santoro showed up on screen in only a jacket that was unzipped to seductively show off her picture-perfect cleavage. Our eyes are glued to the perfect curves off her juicy melons in the hopes that the jacket will slip a little and give us some more eye candy to ogle! The space stuff is great, but we need more scenes like that to take us to Bone-Orville!