Bella Hadid in a Thong Makes Us All a Bit Lucky

I don't know if anyone really knows the origin of the phrase "You lucky dog". One can assume a person saw a dog get lucky in one form or another and then used it later in the day. But if I had to guess, I would say the phrase was invented when someone saw a dog in the arms of a topless Bella Hadid. That is one lucky as hell dog.

Yes, I know the term "lucky dog" has been around for ages, but you can't prove that someone in the past may have had a vision of this pic and came up with the phrase then. People have been dreaming about the future for as long as man has closed his eyes at night to sleep. There's the phrase "dream girl" where do you think that came from? No doubt someone (probably many someones) have settled in for a long winter's nap and pictured a topless Bella Hadid. Though, I'm sure they didn't have the dog in the dream, but then again maybe they did. Dogs are cute so, why not have a couple dogs and a topless Bella Hadid. That would make you a super lucky dog.

I'm not saying you should be jealous of a dog. But if you feel a bit of resentment because you don't get to be that close to Bella Hadid's bare breasts, that's totally understandable. On the bright side, we could consider ourselves somewhat lucky dogs because we are getting to see Bella Hadid in nothing but a thong. And a dog.