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The Midwife (2015)

Brief Nudity

(0:33) WOMEN are told to strip. We see a bunch with their arms over their chests and some buns as they walk out.(0:34) Breasts on WOMEN as they get their haircut in the prison.(0:44) After undressing Krista Kosonen to her underwear and telling a guy she is all his, he grabs her in the crotch as she asks if the pussy is "the right way" as he rubs the outside of her clothes. Then he pulls down her blouse revealing her buns, a bit dark, but he is aggressively handling them as he goes down on her.(1:04) Bare back on Krista Kosonen as she rides a guy then right breast from the side in shadow.


Krista Kosonen

Nude - as HelenaSexy, butt, right breast

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