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The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

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Having already released the singles “Space Oddity” in 1969, “Life on Mars?” in 1971 and Starman” in 1972, David Bowie was the perfect person to step into the titular role of The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976). Based on 1963’s same-named novel by Walter Tevis, the science fiction fantasy centers around space alien Thomas Jerome Newton (Bowie) who crash lands on our home planet. Newton soon learns being an androgynous young dude during America’s sexually active seventies is not without its privileges. One needs only to look at the bevy of naked babes on display to know what we mean. Check out Mrs. Peters (Claudia Jennings) at the pool. When the naked skinny-dipping starlet shows off her three Bs, she’ll make a splash in your jeans! Not to be outdone, Jill (Hilary Holland) bares her breasts, bush and bum when she fools around with Dr. Nathan Bryce (Rip Torn) in bed. The same can be said of Helen (Adrienne La Russa) who also exposes her boobs, pubes, and caboose while rolling around with Mr. Torn. As Mary-Lou, Candy Clark repeatedly reveals her rack, snatch and ass whilst getting it on with the Thin White Duke. Thanks to director Nicolas Roeg, this flesh-filled fable of alienation and the attraction of otherness is prescient, compassionately cynical, and stacked with some of the most stimulating sex ever simulated — unless, as has been alleged, some of the copulation is real. In other words, The Man Who Fell to Earth puts the X into extraterrestrial!