She made her name in Hollywood playing tough-minded, totally covered up teens in Winter's Bone (2010) and the upcoming The Hunger Games (2012), but Jennifer Lawrence is showing her softer (and slicker) side in the new issue of Esquire.

Jennifer posed in her skivvies for a set of highly greased-up pics that show her sporting an alluring post-workout look, which is appropriate considering the tough athletic training she went through filming her new movie.

"You can’t diet when you are filming a movie like The Hunger Games, running in 100 degree weather and doing all these stunts,” she tells Glamour Uk of her intense regimen. “Anyway, Katniss is supposed to be a hunter; she is meant to be scary.Kate Mossrunning at you with a bow and arrow isn’t scary.

This isn't the first time Jennifer has gone through a physical transformation for a movie- she sat through eight hours of makeup every day being covered in blue body paint and silicone scales for her role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class (2011). And she actually gained weight for the role, just in case you couldn't tell it was a woman under all of that makeup:

I’m really baby-faced,” she says. “I knew I was basically going to be naked on camera and I didn’t want to look like a little boy I wanted to look like a woman.

Well, you know, Jennifer, the best way to show audiences that you're all woman is to lose the clothes entirely...what's that? You're down for that, too?

So far, I haven’t found a film I’d love to be naked in,” she explains. “But I certainly never look at an actress naked in a movie and judge her. It’s a human body, which is a beautiful thing, right? So stay tuned

Oh we will, Jennifer. We will:

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