It may be marketed as a chick show, but long ago, I convinced all of my male friends that they needed to be watching The Bachelor. Sure, it may have a "romance" theme, but think about it this way: This is a reality show that brings on 30 of the world's sexiest women, who then compete in tiny bikinis for the affections of the titular bachelor. The prerequisites for being a contestant include flat abs, glowing skin, shampoo commercial hair, and a penchant for losing your clothing. It is, in effect, an hour-long modeling display. 

This season had even more sexy ladies than most, and we now live in a beautiful world where we can see tons of their hottest photos on Instagram. I would be remiss not to compile a list of the sexiest contestants and where you can follow them, so that's what I did. Enjoy. 

 Liz Sandoz

Ah, Liz. The only eliminated contestant on this list, she's a 29-year-old doula. She slept with the bachelor at a wedding once upon a time, which is more or less why she was cut. 

Corinne Olympios


Do you, and own it always

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Things you need to know about Corinne: She's a 24-year-old business woman with a nanny, and she's ruthless. She's already gone topless for a photoshoot on the show and says she wants to show even more sex appeal, which is incredibly promising.  

Danielle Maltby


@jamieclayton HMU: @jillian.savage Top: @kittynashville

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 This woman is super smart. She's a neonatal nurse, and she's awesome. 

Rachel Lindsay


Image via Facebook

Rachel is a badass attorney, but she sadly doesn't have an Instagram to field more pics from. She's certainly worth mentioning here, though, so check out her Facebook. 

Taylor Nolan


Sunny days in Seatown

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Taylor is 23 and teeny weeny. Like, super compact. She is a mental health counselor, which is probably good for a house of 30 women.  

Raven Gates

 Raven has an Alabama drawl, owns her own boutique, and is hilarious. Also - one of the most perfect bikini bodies I've ever seen. 

Jasmine Goode


Yaaassss 11-1 #cowboysnation #attstadium #DCC #Alumni #NFL #procheerleader #fdf

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NBA dancer and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Need I say more?  

Hailey Merkt


USA @rehablv #rehablv #usa #party #guns #fun #beer #poolparty

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Is this photo even real? The 23-year-old photographer can party. 

Vanessa Grimaldi


Spring is in the air

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This stunning woman is a special education teacher with a French-Italian accent. 

Danielle Lombard


And finally, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman of the season - Danielle L. A former "Chivette," Danielle has an Instagram page positively loaded with professional bikini photos. She owns several nail salons, but can probably make a career as a model/social media star. 

See what I mean? You can watch these beautiful women seduce the bachelor in very little clothing every single Monday. What do you gentleman think? Who is your favorite contestant on the list?