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The Hottest Chicks in Road Trip Flicks


What’s better than a fun road trip? How about a road trip with a hot, naked actress? This playlist brings together all the hottest scenes from road trip movies. Chloe Sevigny shows her rack and gives a guy a blowjob in The Brown Bunny (2003). Beverly D’Angelo lets us see her fleshy traffic signs when she flashes her tits while in the shower in Vacation (1983). Aliya Campbell and Jaclyn DeSantis have a conversation while topless in a locker room while surrounded by naked hotties in Road Trip (2000). Anessa Ramsey stands naked in front of a guy who is tied up letting us see her nice ass in Death Race 2050 (2017). Susan Sarandon slips a nip while getting dressed in a scene from Thelma & Louise (1991). Toni Basil shows her pert Mickeys, butt, and bush while getting undressed in Easy Rider (1969). Tani Phoenix takes a shower and lets us see her nice ass and ample chesticles as she washes herself in Death Race: Inferno (2013). These babes went on a road trip and all they got was naked!


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