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The Honor Farm (2017)

No Nudity

(0:56) Josephine McAdam and Christina Parrish chick strip to bra and panties to go swimming in a lake at night. Then Katie Folger strips to her bra and panties.
0:59) Olivia Grace Applegate now in her bra and panties going into the lake. A shot underwater of Josephine McAdam and Christina Parrish In their bra and panties playfully rubbing their bodies up against each other.
(1:04) A distant shot of what is supposed to be Olivia Grace Applegate standing on a rock naked. Though it’s hard to make out precisely what we see.
(1:07) Dora Madison lying on a rock in her bra and panties. Christina Parrish lying their in her panties as well.


Josephine McAdam

Sexy - as Shantiunderwear

Christina Parrish

Sexy - as Zoeunderwear

Katie Fogler

Sexy - as Annieunderwear

Olivia Grace Applegate

Sexy - as LucySexy, underwear

Dora Madison

Sexy - as Lailaunderwear

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