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The Day I Saw Your Heart

The Day I Saw Your Heart (2011)

Brief Nudity


Ah, the French. What would we do without their effusive comedies full of madcap antics, eccentric characters, and, most importantly, bare funbaguettes? The Day I Saw Your Heart (2012) is a classic example of the French rom-com exploring the family ties and romantic entanglements of 60-year-old Eli (Michel Blanc), his younger, pregnant wife Suzanne (Claude Perron), and his adult daughters from a previous marriage: married mom Dom (Florence Loiret Caille) and serial dater Justine (Mélanie Laurent). Karina Beuthe provides some SKINspiration baring boobs in a mammogram machine 8 minutes in, an idea Mélanie sadly fails to remember making love with her bra on at the 40-minute mark. So while Mélanie may see your heart, she's not giving Mr. Skin a heart-on.