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The Dark Side of Love

The Dark Side of Love (2012)

Brief Nudity

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Looking for a good cry and good boner?! A tearjerker you can jerk it to? Then you should Come all over The Dark Side of Love (2012). The opening credits alone will have you crying for mommy! Julian (Carlos Salas) is a gay playboy, who likes to have sex with married men and other unavailable dudes. But as disloyal as he's been to his lovers, he's devotedly been taking care of his mother for years. Michael (Jason Susag), on the other hand is a drug addict who shows up every once in a while. Needless to say, there's tension between the brothers, but when their mom dies and they end up reunited, the two have to sort through their issues while dealing with their grief. Reach for the tissues while watching this one, there are plenty of sad moments and plenty of moments that'll have you doing something else with them. Actress Lisa Luscious bares her lower cheeks and luscious melons as she climbs into a steamy shower, where she is joined by the hard bodied Jason Susag. First, Lisa gets his darkness good and squeaky clean, and then she starts playing with that Susag sausage! No CGI or camera tricks, that's really Lisa slobbering on that dude's dick! That's not going to make you forget that your mom just died, but there's no doubt it'll make you feel better! Hopefully the gay brother finds someone willing to ease the pain by orally pleasing his main vain, just like the drug addict did! We'd pretend to cry about a dead goldfish or plant if it meant Lisa would put a lip lock on our cock! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll unzip your fly watching the emotional ride of The Dark Side of Love!