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The Cook (2013)

Brief Nudity

(0:01) WOMAN her her blue dress taken down on a table and stripped to her bra and panties.
(0:02) WOMAN on stage in her bra and panties rubbing blood all over her body. (This may be Sahlah Tepes)
(0:21) Jamie Fife strips to her bra after falling down.
(0:24) BRUNETTE is tied up by the psycho standing up in her bra. Her left breast makes its way into the shot. After he grabs some pliers there is a quick shot of her standing there with her LEFT BREAST hanging out of her bra. (Maybe Samantha Green?)
(0:28) Kylie Wright in little jean shorts.
(0:29) Jamie Fife is sleeping in her bra and tied up in Christmas lights. She may not be wearing panties but her leg is arched in a way that kinda reveals some left rump if she is bottomless.
(0:32) Jamie Fife strips to her bikini to go into the lake. Unfortunately she will quickly get an arrow through the eye and goes floating downriver.
(0:37) Bra on Kylie Wright screwing a guy in a tent. It quickly gets pysychedelic.
(0:41) After she is killed, we see a close-up of Kylie Wright’s panties as blood drips down her body.
(0:46) TRASH BRUNETTE in a halter top.
(0:48) Amber Tranum showing some cleavage sitting at the kitchen table.
(0:53) Nice legs on Amber Tranum sitting on the couch.
(1:01) Peekdown cleavage on GAS STATION GIRL as she crawls away trying to escape killer.
(1:16) Full frontal BLACK TREE MONSTER showing breasts and dark shaved bush with a tree stump for a head and branch hands.(This could be Samantha Fugate credited as “Demon” along with “JoJo”)


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