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The Best Thanksgiving Ever

The Best Thanksgiving Ever (2016)

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Turkey Day has always been stuck in the Santa sized shadow of the much more beloved Holiday that comes around a month later. Unsurprisingly, this has meant cinephiles have been blessed with all sorts of great Christmas movies and virtually none that revolve around Thanksgiving. The Best Thanksgiving Ever (2016) might not be the best movie ever, but it has to be quite high on your list of Thanksgiving flicks. This bro comedy directed by Battlefield Earth (2000) writer J.D. Shapiro stars Jay Seals as Kevin, a young man who experiences a horrible heartbreak right before Thanksgiving. How bad is horrible? Well, he caught his girlfriend Michelle (Aurelia Scheppers) letting some random dude give her a good stove top stuffing in their kitchen, lit all her stuff on fire in anger, and ended up in jail for arson. To cheer him up, his friend Brad (David Paulus) invites him over for a Thanksgiving meal with the family, then takes him out for a guy's night out. Both of those events are an unmitigated disaster from the very beginning, with all sorts of puking, fighting, and other chaotic events spoiling the fun. There is a lot to be thankful for in this movie, like when Michelle Maylene, Jessa Rhodes and Shira Scott are pole dancing topless in their underwear. Brooke Haven is a taste of heaven when she dances in a gold bikini and Tina Jordan goes wonderfully topless while giving Kevin and Eric Roberts quite the show. She is truly the Jordan of big titted blonde strippers! Aurelia Scheppers schleps her big chest around in a dreamy scene that is very reminiscent of Phoebe Cates, when she wears her sexy, wet bikini while a man is jerking it and crying to the memories of his time with her. She never goes all the way, though, nor does the super hot Shira Scott, who only wears a bikini. Thanks for giving us a boner, ladies! Snap the wishbone and wish that someday you get to bone a girl as sexy as the ones in The Best Thanksgiving Ever