Kristen Stewart has been all over the news recently thanks to her starring role in this weekend's Personal Shopper as well as an insanely sexy shoot for V Magazine. She also recently officially came out as gay during her February hosting gig on SNL - a moment which has since gone viral. Well, f*ck all that, because K-Stew has truly outdone herself by debuting a shaved head at last night's Los Angeles premiere of Personal Shopper! I mean, what is even happening right now?

The Twilight and On the Road actress hit the red carpet in a sports bra top thing and pants that she stole from Madonna's Erotica tour. Of course, she could have been wearing a diaper and no one would have noticed, because Kristen complimented her clothes with no hair!

Kristen Stewart is so sexy that she could pull anything off, and this new 'do, or lack of 'do, fits her badass, DGAF personality pretty well. Do you prefer Kristen with long, medium, or short hair? Are you so into the new look that you just plain want to see her completely bald? Or, or, do you prefer Stewart in the convenience store wig from Twilight? So many options! Check out the pictures from last night's Personal Shopper premiere, as well as some candids from today, in the gallery and sound off below.

Images Via Splash Media