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That has to be love

That has to be love (2020)

Brief Nudity

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That has to be love (2020) is a funny, relatable short film streaming online. This little indie flick is funny and heartwarming as it follows Stella and Marten, two young people who met spontaneously in real life. No one does that anymore! After their first date, they are both totally smitten for each other. Could this be love? Real love? They attempt to find out by having dinner together. After dinner, Marten invites Stella over to his apartment. They start getting intimate and want to go all the way, but something stops them. Stomach issues. The food they ate seems to be affecting them poorly. That's right...gastral intestinal problems brought on by their meal together is threatening to ruin the mood. Both of them fight with stomach problems and diarrhea. They race to the bathroom, stripping down the pants, with the pair both running in their underwear. Agata Pisiewicz plays sweet Stella whose jeans are down at her ankles as we watch her run in her white undies and tank top. Her long legs sprint down the hallway and her pokies bounce. They push each other on their journey to the toilet, stumbling over one another as they find their way to the potty. Once they get to the bathroom, we see them both from the toilet's point of view. Her gorgeous eyes shine to the camera first before the two of them decide at once to turn around and show their asses to the camera. That booty is indeed love!