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Teacher & Student


What boy hasn't lusted over her teacher? Mrs. Crabtree to Mrs. Krabappel, there's something about knowledge that can only be passed down from a sexy older woman to a inexperienced but horny younger man. In this case, Anna Raadsveld in LelleBelle (2010) is the student, but oh what we can learn from her three Bs: bush, boobs and butt. Another teacher learns the rules of lap dancing from his student Eva Amurri Martino in Californication (2007). People would have more respect for the visual arts if artist's models all looked like Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2 (1996). Nikki Schieler Ziering in American High School (2009) offers her class inspiration by flashing her two apples. Sometimes the teacher needs assistance, and they'll get no better than a topless Farrah Fisher in Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009). If history was this hard everyone would excel like Kaitlin Doubleday in Hung (2009), getting the teacher's ruler in the front seat of a car. Are you hot for teacher? You will be after seeing Tonie Perensky in Varsity Blues (1999) doing a school-themed striptease. Are you willing to play with fire? Sybil Danning in They're Playing with Fire (1984) is, and you'll love want to be her teacher's heavy petting. A teacher, a bubble bath and Sylvia Kristel in Private Lessons (1981) nude? That's a lesson we all need to learn. Grade-A tits will make you sit up in class when Linnea Quigley in Graduation Day (1981) bares her Bs. We wish all teachers were as committed as JoBeth Williams in Teachers (1984), when she strips naked before the bell, which will ring loudly in your pants. It's best to hit the books, but if you've not got any books to hit then hit these clips and you're really hit it off!


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