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Taxi 2

Taxi 2 (2000)

No Nudity


Taxi 2 (2000) gives us more of the same that the original action flick delivered. This time a Japanese ambassador is in town intent on checking out the city’s very effective anti-gang tactics. When he (along with an officer’s girlfriend) are kidnapped by a yakuza gang, Officer Emilien must jump into action to save them. With the help of Daniel, the crazy daredevil taxi driver from the original movie, this rogue cop sets out to save the day.

Never mind the potential plot issues, the real reason to watch this movie is the slam-bang action and the hot babes. Among said babes is the always gorgeous Marion Cotillard who doesn’t show much, but just her presence will have you standing at attention. Emma Sjoberg does some bottomless ass kicking when she takes on some bad guys in a very short skirt. As she delivers some high kicks and impressive moves, we get a clear view right up her skirt. It appears Ms. Sjoberg prefers to kick ass while commando because this sexy blonde goes about her brutal business sans panties!

The storyline might be a little crazy, but the hotties of Taxi 2 will have you driving in the hard lane!