29-year-old Anastasia Ashley may have started as a surfer - and even won a national title at the age of 16 - but now she's a surfer / MODEL, and isn't afraid to show off her banging bod on social media!  Anastasia's 1.1 Million Instagram followers are privileged to pics of the tan, toned brunette splashing in the waters of Hawaii in skimpy bathing suits. Why am I staring at Donald Trump again? This new video gives a great look at her body and epic butt as she makes surfing look damn fun.



In addition to being a total sex bomb, Anastasia happens to have some talented photography and videography friends, who for *some reason* don't mind shooting her as she wears said skimpy bathing suits and splashes around in said waters of Hawaii. HMM. What a gig. You're not going to find any Bella Thorne In My Side selfies here. Instead we get high-quality, frame-worthy posts that make it feel like Ashley's really bare, I mean there! Head to the video up top and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. And honestly, has there ever been a more perfect ass in the world? 

Via Instagram