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Strip Club Massacre (2017)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Horror
  • Directed by: Bob Clark
  • Rated: NR
  • Theatrical Release: 05/02/2017
  • Country: USA
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(0:00) Erin Brown and Danielle Page can be seen while the camera goes up and down in someone’s tortured POV.(0:04) Haley Leary in her bra riding a guy.(0:05) Haley Leary standing in a doorway in an open robe in her bra and panties.(0:07) Haley Leary being screwed from behind over the bed and we see her in her bra.(0:08) Alicia Watson is in the shower behind the glass.(0:19) Nice cleavage shot of GIRL as she is hit with a piece of wood. (This is likely Jenna Alger as “Girl in Woods”)(0:20) Erin Brown showing significant thong leaning over a body.(0:26) TATTOO BLONDE #1 dancing on stage takes off her bikini top to display her pierced breasts.(0:26) DANCER giving a lapdance showing her breasts.(0:27) BLONDE showing great cleavage(0:30) Layla Heather Pendley on stage dancing in lingerie.(0:37) DANCER on stage showing her breasts. Then Erin Brown in a bikini at the bar. Then Layla Heather Pendley walks away in her thong panties showing her cheeks.(0:41) Alicia Watson strips to her bra auditioning in guy’s office. Then group of dancers on stage giving a bachelor party dance. Then Alicia Watson in bra and panties walking the floor of the club.(0:42) Alicia Watson leaves the stage at the end of a dance and then goes over to give a guy a lapdance in her bra and panties.(0:43) GIRL in like a shower show behind a glass showing her breasts and thong panties.(0:45) Alicia Watson goes into dressing room in her bra and panties. Other girls are there too,(0:48) Erin Brown in lingerie and Layla Heather Pendley in a bra and tiny jean short panties. Layla Heather Pendley later puts on a strap-on . Danielle Page is also there a bathing suit.(0:51) Danielle Page in bathing suit lingerie. Then Layla Heather Pendley in a tiny schoolgirl skirt and Erin Brown in lingerie.(0:53) Nicole Lynch strips to her bra at gunpoint. Then she takes it off to display her breasts. Then she is strapped to a table in just her panties and boots.(1:05) Alicia Watson in lingerie and thong panties as she gets up from a chair in the office. Then she’s behind the bar.(1:08) Many of the girls are in bikinis at a pool party including Layla Heather Pendley, Alicia Watson and Danielle Page. Erin Brown is in a bikini top.(1:21) TATTOO BLONDE #2 giving a dance in just her panties. We see her breasts. Then Layla Heather Pendley in lingerie giving a backroom dance. She takes down her top and reveals pasties over her breasts.(1:22) GIRL gets up from the couch in her panties. (She is referred to as “Misty” but the Cassidy Rose pictures are most definitely not her.)(1:25) GIRL is shot in the back and we see her dead on the floor in her panties. (She is referred to as “Misty” but the Cassidy Rose pictures are most definitely not her.)(1:28) Erin Brown in her bra in the office.

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