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Stockholm, Pennsylvania

Stockholm, Pennsylvania (2015)

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The Lifetime drama Stockholm, Pennsylvania (2015) stars Saoirse Ronan as Leia, a chick who gets kidnapped and spends the next seventeen years of her life dwelling in a basement. When Leia is eventually found and saved, she faces the uphill battle of trying to adapt back to life outside of captivity. She is reunited with her parents Marcy (Cynthia Nixon) and Glen (David Warshofsky), who try their best to reestablish a relationship with their long-lost daughter. Unfortunately, Leia spends most of her time haunted by her memories of Ben (Jason Isaacs), the dude that nabbed her and raised her for nearly two decades. When Leia’ parents and her counselor (Rosalind Chao) imply that Ben is nothing short of a monster, she reacts with hostility. This hostility carried over to Mr. Skin when he learned that Saoirse Ronan only showed side boob and bra-clad skin.