Focus On The Positive, Sophie Turner's Hotness

Yes, yes, Sophie Turner is totally hot in her super tight white shirt and short shorts, but she’s dating one of the Jonas brothers? When did this happen? Man, are these guys the luckiest dudes on the face of the planet or what?  

You know, I shouldn’t spend my time focusing on what I perceive to be a negative (honestly, the Jonas brothers could be awesome people), instead I should focus on the positive. The positive being Sophie Turner is positively hot. I think that might be one of the lowest cut tops I’ve ever seen in my life. And while staring at Sophie Turner’s cleavage is always enjoyable I can’t help but wonder if she is wearing a bra underneath or a bikini. After all, she’s in Miami; she’s probably close to the beach. The odds are 50/50 she’s wearing one or the other. Though I feel I should point out that while Sophie Turner is an adult now, the Elmo socks aren’t helping. That (and the Jonas brother) are making it a little tough to focus on the good, but damn it, I’m going to try.  

So, let’s brush aside that some people are just really damn lucky in this world and focus on the luck we make for ourselves. And by “luck” I mean pictures of Sophie Turner looking hot.