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Sonja and the Bull

Sonja and the Bull (2012)

Brief Nudity

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Sonja and the Bull (2012) is a Croatian rom-com that follows a young woman’s journey as she fights for the rights of animals while falling in love in the process….with a man. Sonja (Judita Frankovic) is against bullfighting while Ante (Goran Bogdan) is very much for the sport as his family is in the business. Sparks fly when fate brings these two together in a series of events that tests the boundaries of true love.

This film’s humor is a bit on the dry side, but we’re able to look past all of that as we get to look at Juditha Frankovic as she shows her exquisite body. The fact that she wears a red bra and panties in a couple of scenes is no coincidence considering it’s the color of choice when bating a charging bull. The color of red may get a bull going, but it’s the color of flesh that has us stomping our hooves and steaming out of our noses as the young Sonja shows us her utterly amazing utters on a few occasions. If you love romantic comedies with a whole bunch of bull, then this Croatian cut-up is for you.