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Some Kind of Beautiful

Some Kind of Beautiful (2014)

Brief Nudity


Some Kind of Beautiful (2014), or How to Make Love Like an Englishman, but also, Lessons in Love if you saw it in the UK, has one of the most pompous loglines ever crafted for a film: "A drama about a Cambridge poetry professor who begins to re-evaluate his life of Byronic excess." On the outside chance you don't know what "Byronic Excess" means, it's essentially a fancy, learned way of referring to Pierce Brosnan as a pussy hound. Brosnan is Richard Haig, a cad of a college professor teaching Romantic Literature at Cambridge. Richard enjoys a constant stream of coeds willing to do a little bit extra in the Romance department for some extra credit in Romantic Literature. Unfortunately, when he knocks up his young girlfriend Kate (Jessica Alba), those days come to an end, and Richard has to move to America with Kate and try to be a dad. But when Kate falls for a younger dude (Ben Mackenzie), rather than despair, Richard takes the opportunity to make a run for Kate's sister Olivia (Selma Hayek). Even without the baby, pulling off the sister swap causes all sorts of chaos, so soon enough there are all sorts of hilarious situations. He might not be in his Bond prime, but Pierce Brosnan has certainly still got it, as makes it very realistic that Richard would have babes like Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba all over his dick! Another notorious crusher of ass, Malcolm McDowell, is also on hand to lend an air of legitimacy to the proceedings. The film features plenty of sexy women in bikinis, like the aforementioned Alba, as well as Chelsea Mark, Laura Colquhoun, Margarita Molina, and Sandra Linz! But It's Lindsey Sporrer and Salma Hayek that get the gold stars for showing off their amazing asses! Lindsey flashes while she wakes Pierce up for a naked good morning surprise, and Selma's seat meat appears when she has to hop out of bed with Pierce and go for a nudie run to make sure nobody knows she was there. That should have you treating your member to some Byronic excesses! Those are some great asses in Some Kind of Beautiful!