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Simple Creature

Simple Creature (2017)

No Nudity


(0:31) Carollani Sandberg underwater in the swimming pool holding her breath in her bathing suit.

(1:05) Carollani Sandberg strips to her bra and panties. The large scar down her back may mislead into thinking there is some buttcrack.

(1:07) Carollani Sandberg sits up in bed and we see her bare back as she puts a top on. May be the slightest of right sideboob just before getting the shirt on.

(1:13) Carollani Sandberg is sitting on the toilet in her panties pulling stuff out of her feet. Then she is sitting in the bathtub. See some bare shoulders sitting up and then lying back into the tub.

(1:14) As a guy tries to drown Carollani Sandberg in the tub, there are quick flashes back to her in the pool in her bathing suit. She then emerges from the tub and attacks the guy. Comes close to seeing some chest but the camera manages not to catch anything.