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Short Cuts

Short Cuts (1993)

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The short stories of Pacific Northwest author Raymond Carver are not generally thought to be cinematic in nature. A typical Carver story deals with a telling shift in the small world of personal experience. There are no car chases or explosions, seldom is a gun wielded, and corpses appear only sporadically. And yet director Robert Altman perceived a unifying line of inquiry. Short Cuts (1993) strings together a series of interlocking vignettes that explore and comfort the quieter agonies of day-to-day existence. One sign of Altman’s deft and masterly touch with sensitive material is that a slew of A-list celebrity actresses shows off everything from simple nip slips to flaring red muff during the jumps of Short Cuts. You will definitely want to watch the 2-hour 23-minute mark, where the effortlessly sexy Julianne Moore shows off her gorgeous glutes and a wonderfully all-natural red bush when she argues with Matthew Modine. It's easily one of the all-time greatest bush displays in skinema history, hands (and pants) down! If that's not enough to get your rocks off though, you can see a flash of Anne Archer's hot ass at the 1-hour 48-minute mark. Even the great Francis McDormand gets in on the skinful action a mere 47 minutes in when you see a fleeting bit of bush and left boob as she passes through a doorway naked. Short Cuts doesn't cut many corners when it comes to the nudity of its actresses. That's probably why its one of Mr. Skin's favorite Raymond Carver adaptations to date.