Shiri Leaks

Mere weeks after Shiri Appleby made her amazing topless debut on HBO’s Girls, fully naked cell phone pics of the sexy star have leaked online. Shiri is baring her Apple-B’s while posing in front of a bathroom mirror, with not hair down below to hide her tantalizing lower lippage.

While a debate about the veracity of the photos rages online, our tireless skin scientists have authenticated these images with a thorough examination of HARD evidence. Here is the side-by-side comparison with her nude appearance on Girls:


The moles align and these nudes are REAL! Exif data on the photo marks the date as June 2011, which matches up with the early subscription issue Oprah Magazine from August 2011 on the tub in the background. Plus, geotagging on the picture puts this photo smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood. There you have (t)it!

Shiri PreggoThe older date makes sense, because Shiri is currently very preggo, and showing off her swollen pregnant belly and bikini boobs on a beach near you.

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