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She's Gotta Have It

She's Gotta Have It (2017-2019)

Great Nudity!


She's Gotta Have It (1986) was Spike Lee's first full length joint, shot on a shoestring budget, in black and white, using his family members in various roles to try and cut costs. Starring Tracy Camilla Johns as a Brooklyn based woman playing the field the way so many men do, it blew up and launched Spike's career. Thirty one years later in 2017, Netflix rebooted the movie as an updated to today TV show still called She's Gotta Have It. DeWanda Wise plays Nola Darling, a polyamorous pansexual artist living in Brooklyn and dating three men, while also bedding a few members of the fairer sex. She's unapologetic about her way of life and is loving every bit of it, though the people around her struggle to understand. Why won't she just settle down with one of the ample amounts of good men and women who want to wife her her up, not just dick her down? Reminiscent of a more sex positive, progressive and diverse take on Sex and the City filled withall sorts of fourth wall breaking moments, the second season delved into Nola's issues with artistic integrity, which the movie didn't really have time for. While it only lasted two seasons, there was a ton of nudity from some gorgeous women on the show. DeWanda shows bare butt and boobs during sex scenes with two of her boyfriends, and then again during a lesbian scene with a topless Ilfenesh Hadera. That dark skinned dimepiece can get it anytime she wants! And as for Miss Hadera? Now those are some gotta see tits! On top of those girls we'd like to be on top of, Stormi Maya Alvarado wears a pink dress that she's absolutely beaming out of during a party. Then, both Chyna Lane and Sydney Morton strip to their skivvies for sexy scenes of their own, while Catherina Martinez flashed her rack as a dude felt up her jugs. With all that action, two season isn't enough. Mr. Skin's gotta have more She's Gotta Have It!