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She-Devils of the SS

She-Devils of the SS (1973)

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She-Devils of the SS (1973) is one of those movies that could have only been made in the 70s, back when it didn't matter that something was in incredibly poor taste as long as it showed some sexy women being unchaste. In the waning days of World War II, things aren't looking so good for the Axis powers. So to make sure the fellas at the front don't start thinking about surrendering or making plans for a long vacation in Argentina, eligible women from all over Germany head to the front lines to bolster the soldiers' morale by using their powers of poon. That'll do it! A wrinkle develops in the plan, however, when the women take more interest in one another than the soldiers! The Reich didn't plan on them going dyke! The Fuhrer must be furious! Worse, a huge attack from the Soviets threatens to put the Nazi war effort in jeopardy, and all the muff in Munich can't stop the National Socialists from taking the inevitable L! The SS in She-Devils of the SS must stand for Sensational Skin, since the one thing that was consistent about these Nazi-sploitation movies is the tremendous amounts of nudity in them. The blonde haired Aryan dreamgirl Eveyln Raess has a knockout lesbian scene with Birgit Bergen, that gives us full nudity from both. We get all three B's from a gaggle of ladies like Claudia Fielers, who shows a Nazi doctor that the carpets aren't even close to matching the drapes, Elisabeth Felchner,who ends up on the wrong side of a grenade while fleeing fully nude, Marisa Feldy as she does an officer in the dirt, and the ginger Goddess Renate Kasche, who strips down for some skinny dipping. And that's not to mention all the uncredited fully nude women! We have no love for the Nazis, but have to admit there are incredible pieces of a-SS in She-Devils of the SS