Skin Central would never guess that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's office was a hotbed of sexual energy- in fact, no offense to the Madam Secretary, but filing briefs and taking dictation sounds a lot more boring than shedding briefs and taking dick-tation.

But now the secret former life of porn star Sammie Spades, star of titles like Bomb Ass White Booty 13, has been revealed, and tit's a shocker: in 2006, straight-A student Sammie worked as an intern for then-Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton!

When you consider that Huma Abedin, better known as Mrs. Anthony Weiner, is also Ms. Clinton's personal aide, it makes you wonder what kind of schenanigans are going down over there on Capitol Hill. Perhaps Bill is putting Spanish Fly in the water cooler? Either way, Skin Central gives skintellectual Sammie an A+ in anatomy!

Hey Sammie! If you're still interested in a skinternship, Mr. Skin can probably find an opening (heh. opening.)!