Salma Hayek In A Bikini Is Also A Great Way To Say Hello Fall!

With the end of summer fast approaching, you have to take in as many of those warm, sunny days as you can. Though for many of us, I’m afraid, summer's already over, but the Fall Equinox won’t be here until September 22nd, so technically speaking we have a few more days of summer left. And what better way to say good-bye to another summer than with Salma Hayek in a bikini.  

And yes, I think we could say good-bye to every season and hello to the new season with Salma Hayek in a bikini, this time around the season is summer and the bikini is pink. Honestly, this Instagram post looks like it could be something out of a movie and yet, it’s just real like Salma Hayek. It’s hard to believe that there is a person as beautiful as Salma Hayek in this world. Thankfully every time I start to think it’s not real, I just go and find a picture like this of Salma Hayek and I’m a believer all over again.  

So, most of us won’t be able to spend the last few days of summer by the pool, thankfully Salma Hayek can. And what’s even more thankfully-ey, is that Salma Hayek doesn’t mind sharing her relaxing and super sexy moments. Thanks Salma, thank you so, so much.