Is It The Nail Biting That's Making Reese Witherspoon So Sexy?

I really don’t want to say that Reese Witherspoon is back and sexier than she ever has been before because she’s never gone anywhere and she’s always been pretty damn sexy. But there is something about these couple of pics of her from Elle that find her looking quite stunning.  

I’m a little taken aback by these two photos, which I’m finding a little strange and hard to process. It’s not like I’ve never seen a sexy Reese Witherspoon before, and I know we could get into a three hour debate over what we think Reese Witherspoon’s sexiest moment is, but there is something new, something a little raw, maybe even a touch primal about Reese Witherspoon biting her nail at us that just drives me a little crazy. After all, Reese Witherspoon in a sexy black dress showing off a little cleavage is always a good thing. We’ve seen in a hundred different ways and each way is sexy. Yet, the nail biting… there is something there that I don’t know if we’ve ever seen before.  

I’m not sure if I’ll ever really be able to figure out what it is about these two pics of Reese Witherspoon that is making me loopy, but damn it I’m going to keep staring at them until I figure it out. I might take a break to go watch Wild, but I’m gonna come back to them after that.