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Rebecca Romijn: Naked, Sexy and Lesbian

She may have terrible taste in men in real life, but there's nothing tastier than seeing Rebecca Romijn revealing her flawless figure on screen. Mr. Skin has cobbled together a sampling of all of Rebecca's most ribald and revealing scenes for your viewing pleasure. Kicking things off is 2002's Femme Fatale which starts off with Rebecca getting dropped fully nude into a body of water and full frontal fun ensues! Clip two finds her doing an amazingly erotic strip tease for a guy, but it's clip four that'll have your jimmy jumping for joy as Rebecca and Rie Rasmussen engage in a super-hot make out session where Rebecca strips Rie of what little she already has on. Femme Fatale will have you flogging your log. Then it's two clips from the awful remake of Rollerball, but the rejoice as the first two feature Rebecca's rib cushion, even if both shots are pretty dark. Plenty of pokies and petite panties in a clip from 2004's Godsend, but be sure not to blink or you'll miss the fleeting flash of her left fun bag as she gets it on with Greg Kinnear. Lots of X-Men clips follow, and seeing Rebecca's bodacious body covered in blue paint is enough to have you blowing your load. There's plenty more of Rebecca's rockin' bod in this playlist, so watch all the way to the end or you'll regret it. Rebecca Romijn will have you draining your vein.

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