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Real-Life Bisexual Stars


Stars of screen have real lives, you know, and often off camera they're even kinkier than on. These real-life les-be-thespians must be really hot off screen because on they're turning us on. And they've doubled their odds for getting laid on date night. Lindsay Lohan and Alicia Rachel Marek in Machete (2010) wake up hung over and naked, you'll just be hung and soon hard watching these girls bare their big girls. Angelina Jolie in Gia (1998) plays the famous bisexual model and must have learned her role from experience. Who wouldn’t want to go to that school with her? Painting boobies would make anyone bat for both sides, like Jenny Shimizu in Foxfire (1996). Swing and connect to that, ball fans. Megan Fox says she's not going to bite Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body (2009), but we hope they do. God knows, they’re both mouth-wateringly tasty. It's the Ellen Show when Ellen DeGeneres in If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000) gets same-sexy. You’ll just get erect and ejaculate. Oh the girls we will see, like Kristanna Loken in The L Word (2004) getting naked and naughty. You'll cut yourself on a flesh sword watching a bra-bearing Michelle Rodriguez in Machete (2010). It's a blood bath for Drew Barrymore in Doppelganger: The Evil Within (1993), but at least she's naked. Anna Paquin in True Blood (2008) makes a convincing hetero, but she likes it both ways. We like it any which way and loose.


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