This Is Why Slo-Mo Was Invented

A trend I’ve been noticing is there is a bit too much slow motion going on in movies and on television. While I understand the principle behind using slow motion to show a small detail or simply to make something look cooler, if it’s done too much it loses its effect. Thanks goodness Rachael Leigh Cook and her bikini know how to use slow motion to its fullest.

I do believe this Instagram video will be shown in filmmaking classes all over the world to show the pure power and beauty of slow motion. Rachael Leigh Cook in a bikini jumping into the clear blue water of some ocean is the reason Ted Slowmotion invited slow motion (sure some people don’t believe it was Ted Slowmotion, but his arch rival, William McNotfast, but I don’t believe that for a minute). Sure, we totally would have enjoyed seeing Rachael Leigh Cook in a bikini jumping into a pool in regular motion, but now we can truly enjoy every bounce, every turn, every single beautiful moment of her leaping while wearing a two-piece.

So, enough with the slow motion action sequences and the slow motion look over the shoulder, I think we’ve had enough of those shots. Instead, let’s keep the slow motion for the more important moments in life, like Rachael Leigh Cook in a bikini.

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