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PORKY'S Film Series: Every Nude Scene

Before young men were struck with the ingenious idea of poking their dicks into hot apple pies, decades prior, equally young men were sticking their dicks into random found holes. These holes however looked into the steamy showers of the girl’s locker rooms. We’re talking, of course, of the original teen-sex comedy: Porky’s. Kaki Hunter starts our playlist, showering off with her lady friends in the school locker room. We’re getting an eyeful too. Everything from tits to tails, with plenty of water to wash our dirty thoughts off with. Kim Cattrall gets us springing up to the plate next as she gets down and dirty with a bat and couple of balls. Pat Lee doesn’t shy away at popping her big-o pears out with the character Pee-Wee. And he responds by planting some seed in her. Moving into Porky’s II: The Next Day, stunning actress Cisse Cameron flashes her tits while playing dead – don’t worry, just cause she’s “playing dead” doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty for you to “cum to life” with. Next in the trilogy is Porky’s Revenge – an honest portrayal of how a small town deals with so much smut. We’re kidding. It’s still tit-tacular! -- Kim Everson gives us her best swedish impression (and that’s an impression we’d love to have laying on top of us) as she pops out the golden orb of her people at graduation. If you’re a fan of the classics, there’s plenty to enjoy in these 80s flicks.

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