While it has been difficult for Netflix's Orange is the New Black to top its first season in terms of nudity, the show is hopefully looking to go out on a high note with its upcoming seventh and final season.This leaves many of us hoping they might get some more skin in the game for this last hurrah for the ladies ofLitchfield Penitentiary.

It's always difficult to predict whether or not there will be nudity in an upcoming season of television, particularly when ratings reasons and the like don't get into the specifics of who might be nude. Nevertheless, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and that points toward there being something in the way of nudity in this final season.

With the crew having time to craft an official final season, it seems to us like they might want to get the most bang for their buck and insert some nudity into this season. Even if they don't, though, at least we have all the great nudity from season's past to tide us over long after the series has ridden off into the sunset.

Orange is the New Black returns for its seventh and final season on Netflix on July 26.