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One Night of Fear (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:04) Scarlett DeMitro is tied up standing in just her panties. Her breasts are exposed. The psycho eventually begins sawing into herchest.(0:06) Psycho now pulls down the panties of Scarlett DeMitro from the side. We see some partial bush, though there is blood too. We then watch as he sticks a red hot poker up there from the side.(0:10) Great cleavage and visible bra on Suzi Lorraine aftershe has been running from a killer.(0:20) Suzi Lorraine strips to her bra in the bathroom.(0:34) Megan Sweet is tied up and bloodied in just her panties. She is untied and we see her breasts.(0:42) Mel Heflin Tied up has her shirt ripped open exposing her breasts.(0:56) Jessica Sonneborn strips to her bra in the bathroom.(1:08) A bloody dead WOMAN Is hanging with her breastsexposed. (This is likely Lowrie Fawley credited as “Random Naked Chick.”(1:09) Mel Heflin is tied up and being hosed up. We see her breasts.


Scarlett DeMitro

Nude - as N/ASexy, breasts, underwear

Suzi Lorraine

Sexy - as Jaclynunderwear

Megan Sweet

Nude - as Brittanybreasts, underwear

Mel Heflin

Nude - as N/Abreasts

Jessica Sonneborn

Sexy - as Katieunderwear

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