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Olga's Girls

Olga's Girls (1964)

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Olga (Audrey Campbell) gets her kicks from keeping her harem—a.k.a. Olga's Girls (1964)—in line by any means necessary . . . and by means totally unnecessary, unnatural, and kinky! Sadistic, scary, super-sexy Audrey runs a hookers-and-drugs ring for an evil Communist crime crew known simply as "The Syndicate." A thorough taskmaster, this tasty torturer takes whips and blowtorches to her charges just for fun, and no matter how mean she is, the girls just won't behave! When she learns that there's an informant in her dungeon dormitory, Audrey goes blooey and subjects each of the poor pets to terrible sexploitation interrogations. But when three of the ladies turn the tables on their tyrant, will Aud be able to handle the vicious manhandling? And if she escapes, how in the world will the girls escape her revenge?