Talk About A Dream Job

There’s that old joke that celebrities have assistants that do everything for them, even the most basic of tasks. Make their phone calls, comb their hair, do their laundry, drive them around, wipe their ass, no matter how simple the job if you are famous someone will gladly do it for you. We may joke, but really the joke is on us because there’s someone who gets to massage Heidi Klum’s boobs for a living.

Yes, as great as this video is one can’t help, but look at their own life and the choices they made. While I have no idea how someone would get into the Heidi Klum boob massage business surely there is a path that someone took to get the luckiest job in the world. And it wouldn’t matter what other duties came with this job; as long as there is boob massaging, who cares what ever remedial tasks they’d have to do?

I guess I can take some comfort in the fact that a small part of my job is to stare at Heidi Klum’s boobs. I have to be honest, knowing there is someone, somewhere in the world that gets to massage the wonderful breasts of Heidi Klum, I don’t know if I can ever take comfort in anything anymore. I do hope this person pinches themselves everyday to remember how lucky they are.