Close Friends Share Everything, Even Fake Orgasms

There is nothing like having a really great, really close friend. Someone you can be honest with and someone who can be honest with you. Someone with whom you can share your thoughts, your secrets, your views, and never be judged. But most importantly we all need a friend who will film our fake Wizard of Oz themed orgasms for the whole world to see. Yes, Julianne Hough you are one hell of a friend to Nina Dobrev.  

Now, I feel I must admit there is a not so small part of me that hopes this is actually how Nina Dobrev orgasms. Perhaps she had her first big O at a Halloween party to someone dressed as the Cowardly Lion and that experience set her down this path (pun intended) to where she screams lines from the movie during sex. While I’m sure she’s just joking around with her friends, still… it would truly be something, wouldn’t it? Sadly, this is something we will never know the answer to, but that’s okay because we all need to dream about Nina Dobrev in our own ways.  

Though, there is one downside to this video. You see, it was posted by Julianne Hough on Instagram so, I assume they were all making fake orgasms during this gathering and yet, there isn’t one of Julianne Hough floating around. I really hope Nina Dobrev gets to posting that video very soon.