Is There Anything Better Than Nina Dobrev in a Bikini in Slow Motion?

If you grew up with strict parents who constantly worried about your safety, you never found yourself on a slip-n-slide. To this day, I can still hear the concerns of my parents ringing in my ear whenever I see one, but I think I’m starting to come around on them, thanks to Nina Dobrev and her slip-n-slide Instagram video.  

I should point out that this video actually works on two levels. First off, Nina Dobrev wearing a bikini going down a massive slip-n-slide not only makes the slip-n-slide look like the most fun anyone could ever have, but she also makes it the sexiest backyard water toy anyone could own. If we are being honest, I’m considering going to get one right now, but I might have to watch the video a few more times for some more courage. But this also proves that slow motion, when used correctly, is truly something beautiful. If you haven’t watched the video, once you watch it you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  

While I still think I made the right decision at my friend’s 10th birthday party by skipping on out on the slip-n-slide, Nina Dobrev has me re-thinking something I believed in for years. Only her incredible bikini body could do that to anyone.