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Night & Day

No Nudity

Night & Day is a British soap opera written by the acclaimed Caleb Ranson who also worked on the made for TV thriller Forgotten. Set in Greenwich, it focuses on the lives of six very different families and how they experience the maturing processes of their children and themselves. The opinions about Night & Day are divided. While supporting actor Stuart Manning won a British Soap Award (not sure, though, whether or not this is the British counterpart to the American Razzie Award), many people complained about the series being slow-moving, badly acted, and boring. So it may be best if you make up your own mind! Nudity Report: None! Luckily, two-thirds of the female cast have a skinful background. Check out Lysette Anthony’s extremely furry pussy in Looking for Eileen and The Advocate, Christianne Gadd’s nice boobs in the blockbuster Chocolat, Cathy Tyson’s mega-hooters in Serpent and the Rainbow, and last but not least Glynis Barber’s triple “b” performance in The Wicked Lady.

Lysette Anthony

Roxanne Doyle / Wells

Glynis Barber

Fiona Brake

Sally Dexter

Natalie Harper

Stephanie Leonidas

Della Wells

Coralie Rose

Aunt Begonia

Cathy Tyson

Rev. Stephanie MacKenzie

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