Mr Skin Hopes This Is a Treat and Not a Trick

While everyone around her is debating what to wear for Halloween, super-stacked Anna Nicole Smith lookalike and wife of Original Gangsta Ice-TNicole “Coco” Austin has already come up with her answernot a blessed thing!

Mr Skin approves wholeheartedly of this bold move.

At a recent premiere for Soul Men, a reporter asked what Coco’s Halloween costume was going to be, to which she responded, "It's my day! I get to get naked! Finally!!!"

She already got naked in the pages of Playboy magazine, but no one needs to tell her that.

"You know, a lot of people comment, but some chicks like to be wild,” mused her husband,” You come home and they're standing on the couch and they want to jump at you and tackle you. Coco's one of them girls."

Unfortunately, Ice-T failed to mention who the rest of these girls are or where they’re going to be Halloween night.

Ice had better stock up on candy, because this announcement is sure to have trick-or-treaters lined up around the block to ring Coco’s bell.