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Nature of the Beast

Nature of the Beast (1995)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Unwanted advances from a creepy guy who wants to buddy up and pal around are awkward under the best of circumstances and downright unnerving when occurring upon the barren stretches of the remote and deadly Nevada desert. Add in the fact that the odd and disturbing dude who refuses to go away is played by the inimitably unsettling Eric Roberts, and the charm of Nature of the Beast (1995) begins to come clear. The Roberts character, lugging about a portentous suitcase, attaches himself to a seemingly innocent and willfully polite fellow. As his car hurtles down the highway to nowhere, the besieged everyman is harrowed by news reports of a casino robbery and of a hatchet-wielding serial killer who strikes at every town where he and his new friend stop.