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Nang mamulat si Eba, part 2

Nang mamulat si Eba, part 2 (1997)

Brief Nudity

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It’s unnecessary to see Nang mamulat si Eba (1992) to ogle the skin in Rico Mambo’s racy romance Nang mamulat si Eba: Part 2 (1997). In fact, this sexy sequel will arouse your trousers when its foreign starlets flash their collective flesh! Made in the Philippines, the Pinoy sex drama kicks into action when a Filipino woman’s lesbian obsession heads south and she searches for other outlets. Suffice it to say, you won’t need a compass to detect your southern regions are heading due north. This is especially true when lovely lesbian Digna (Deborah Carpio) grows infatuated with the alluring Isabel (Rosanna Roces). But when Isabel rebuffs her advances, Digna decides to pursue dalliances with a wide range of male suitors. In one scene, Ms. Roces helps Ms. Carpio out of her confining clothes so the be-thonged beauty can enjoy a topless swim. Yet the raven-haired hotties are more interested in swapping Sapphic spit than treading water. Nevertheless, we appreciate watching their breaststroke! Later, Digna tearfully bids Isabel adieu and gives her an incredible going-away gift: a view of her bare boob! If that’s not titillating enough, Isabel chats with her guy and makes a point (in our shorts) by taking off her shirt and exposing just a small sliver of her right breast — as if it’s possible to show a wrong breast! Since both of the leading ladies boast incredible bodies, it doesn’t really matter who they’re getting busy with so long as they’re getting down and you’re getting off!