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My Beautiful Bride

My Beautiful Bride (2021)

No Nudity


For the heartbroken, mourning, and hunting for some kind of closure in his life, Rich Holstein (Jaime Zevallos), the mystery of his girlfriend's disappearance is consuming him.  Rich can't sleep or eat, his work is falling apart, and he can't seem to make any new connections with the potential women in his life.  One day he is driving around, miserable as usual, and he hears a couple of shock jocks on a radio show asking for dark confessions from listeners.  One caller basically confesses to luring a woman home for a one night stand and brutally murdering her!  Rich is convinced that the caller is somehow the man who is responsible for his missing girlfriend.  So he obsessively begins a search for the caller and when he traces the origins back to a small town, he unknowingly enters into a game of cat & mouse with a man who has a penchant for very dark games with very grim consequences for anyone who crosses his path.  The story unfolds in a dreamlike way with the hunter, the hunted, and the hunter's wife all crashing into each other in different ways in this dark and twisted tale inspired by Hansel & Gretel.  We don't get much bare skin in this one, but we do get a fully clothed sex scene from the stunning star Danielle Burgess in her undies in an open robe.  We also get to see some serious pokies on Sandha Khin as one of the monster's victims tied to a chair in a tight white dress, because she's "My Beautiful Bride" this time!