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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery (2019)

No Nudity

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It’s no mystery that Jennifer Aniston is drop dead sexy and Adam Sandler is a killer comedian. So, it should come as no surprise that the pair of mega-stars paired up for romantic comedy thriller Murder Mystery (2019). The action starts when NYPD officer Nick Spitz (Sandler) and hairdresser Audrey Spitz (Aniston) decide to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary on the yacht of a billionaire acquaintance (Luke Evans) who invites them to a party. The swanky guest list includes Malcolm Quince (Terence Stamp), Tobey Quince (David Walliams), Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar), Sergei the bodyguard (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), and the cold corpse of hottie Suzi Nakamura (Shioli Kutsuna). As the Spitzes investi-bate, twists pop up — just like the protruding pokies on Jennifer’s white T-shirt! If that’s not titillating enough, check out the heaving cleavage on Grace Ballard (Gemma Arterton). The beautiful Brit proves she was well cast as a glamorous movie star when she touts her tight body and big bosom while lounging around in a red swimsuit. Suffice it to say, this Netflix whodunnit will have you streaming in every possible way! In fact, the film was such a huge hit with home audiences, it spawned the sequel Murder Mystery 2 (2023) starring Sandler and Aniston as well as Mélanie Laurent and Jodie Turner-Smith. Despite many critics dissing it, Murder Mystery was named Favorite Comedic Movie at the People’s Choice Awards. While Mr. Skin gives the film two thumbs up, he’d raise another part of the anatomy if there was some nudity!