Game of Thrones has been a game changer in more ways than one. First, it showed the mainstream that fantasy can totally kick ass, with more boobs, blood and beheadings per episode than an average Blind Guardian album. Second, it defied the conventional wisdom that epic fantasy is a tiny subgenre within a tiny subgenre, racking up an average of 8.3 million viewers an episode to become HBO's 5th most watched original series ever, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

What does this mean for nudity lovers out there? It means that there is going to be a Viking horde of medieval mammaries swarming into theaters over the next year or so. And as His Royal Hardness Mr. Skin is a big advocate of highborn maidens and tavern wenches alike unlacing their doublets, we're all for it.

The nude movie Ironclad, which opens in limited release today, isn't a fantasy film, but hey, it's set in medieval times, and it's still a respectable chapter in Mr. Skin's epic tale of historical hooters. Starring Paul Giamatti as the evil King John, Kate Mara as a restless baroness , Jayson Flemyng as a rebel mercenary, and Bree Condon as his lowborn lady love, Ironclad is based on English history around the time of the signing of the Magna Carta. But what we're more interested in are the Magna Tatas, so let's get to it, shall we?

21 minutes in, we get a nice, lingering look at the breasts of a long-haired prostitute as Jayson Flemyng tosses some money at her. (Unfortunately, her name isn't listed in the credits.) Then, 51 minutes in, Bree Condon has the top of her dress pulled down to reveal the tops of her bulging boobage while making out with her mercenary lover in a barn. Hope he remembers to wear a Condon!

Bree Condon as Agnes:

Kate Mara as Lady Isabel:

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