It looks like a great weekend to see some skin in theaters, whether you're heading to the multiplex or the art house!

In wide release this weekend is the thriller The Boy Next Door. Although the film's star Jennifer Lopez mentioned in several interviews that she was nude in the film, of course, none of those nude scenes made it into the film. Thankfully, the lovely Lexi Atkins picks up J-Lo's slack by going fantastically full frontal at the 53-minute mark as she and Ryan Guzman get it on, and then showing her butt less than a minute later! What we wouldn't give to live next door to these tantalizing temptresses!

In limited release this weekend is the critically acclaimed erotic thriller The Duke of Burgundy, which features a ton of sexual mind games being played on the captivating Chiara D'Anna by the equally gorgeous Sidse Babett Knudsen (below)! It's Ms. Knudsen who steps up to the plate and bares her beauties at the 20-minute mark, and eleven minutes later, she even fingers her co-star Chiara while they lie in bed!